Could the future of marketing be heading back to basics?

It’s no secret that over the past 10 years, the focus of marketing has shifted from traditional to digital platforms. Beautiful and functional websites, engaging and branded social media content and paid advertising campaigns are just the tip of an ever-growing iceberg that threatens to sink the traditional marketing ship.

Or does it?

In more recent years, the nuances of digital marketing have been further refined and for many businesses, a cause for confusion and stress. Businesses must post frequently enough to stay front of mind, but not so frequently that the content becomes annoying and repetitive. Businesses must share enough information on their websites to allow customers to gain an understanding of their product or service offerings, but not share so much information that their website becomes overwhelming and convoluted. Businesses must focus on the reach and engagement of their campaigns, but not measure the success of these campaigns through these results alone… The list goes on.

Fortunately for our clients, the team at Brilliant Logic stays up to date with these nuances so you don’t have to.

Despite a large portion of our work being focused on digital marketing, we don’t believe traditional marketing should be overlooked. In fact, we believe that in a world of excessive digital consumption, sometimes it takes a flyer, print ad, newspaper article or event to cut through to target audiences. So, could the future of marketing be heading back to basics?

Not solely, but we do believe it is an integral part of any marketing mix and something we like to incorporate in our strategies. Want to know how to strike the perfect balance for your marketing strategy? Brilliant Logic is here to help. Contact us to start a conversation.