Darkinjung LALC

Darkinjung LALC

We support the Central Coast’s largest private landholder, Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC), with a myriad of media and communication services. From social media support to graphic design, speech writing and stakeholder communications, we have enjoyed working with the Aboriginal land council for more than five years.

One of our proudest projects has been the Painting of the Hoardings Project which saw Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council partner with Gosford City Council to engage local Aboriginal artists and primary schools in the region in order to develop an artwork installation now displayed along Terrigal Drive into Terrigal and Terrigal Haven.

Over twenty local primary schools and high schools were involved in the project. Brilliant Logic coordinated local artists to visit each school to conduct a cultural session and educate students about Aboriginal culture, history and art.

The artists worked alongside the students to design the artworks which are now installed on the hoardings as a permanent outdoor artwork installation for the whole community to enjoy.