This will be the year social media gets its act together

Quality content? On social media? To some, it might sound about as likely as finding a diamond ring at your local junk yard.

But as social media continues to take over and colonise mainstream media’s base, its standards will naturally improve.

And we’re confident future generations will look back at 2019 as the turning point.

At present the scales between trash and treasure on social media are still tipped the wrong way. Lamentable grammar, amateurish visual content, and cliched content regularly assault us.

And that’s bizarre, given the opportunity that social media offers businesses to completely control their message, branding, and ultimately, customer base.

On one hand, the vast majority of businesses have accepted social media is necessary. That’s a start. But we won’t see a discernible lift in quality until every business pays it genuine respect, rather than lip service.

In 2019, social media isn’t simply a box that needs to be ticked. Setting up an Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account and posting without a plan, or any editing whatsoever, is doing your business a terrible injustice. Make no mistake, social media is every bit as important as customer service, communication, presentation, and account handling.

In fact, we could argue its more important because it’s all of the above. It’s undoubtedly the best way for new customers to discover your website, and therefore your business. It’s also a way to converse with your customers, in real time.

It’s often an introduction your business. Would you leave bins overflowing with rubbish sitting outside the entrance to your office, shop or restaurant? Of course not. It would create an awful first impression. So why do so many wonderful business – that offer top notch service in every other department – commit the identical sin in cyberspace?

It takes time to realise change is upon us. But some take longer to accept that change as the new reality and embrace it. For these reluctant businesses, the time has arrived.

With each day that passes, the decline of mainstream media steepens. Not a day goes past when we don’t hear about sackings, redundancies, mergers, and costly defamation law suits. For traditional mastheads and outlets, there is only one guarantee: tomorrow will be tougher than today. As audiences continue to abandon the once great brands, and as their core audience grows older and less active in the marketplace, their influence inevitably dwindles. And that makes advertising with them a less attractive option.

The alternative? It’s 2019 – so embrace the gig economy and give DIY (with the help of experts like us) a go! It might seem daunting to the uninitiated, but creating a compelling armada of social media accounts is entirely possible.

All the tools to find unique, interesting content are at your fingertips. Apps and programs can help you find trusted information sources for topics relevant to your business. The same tools are available to make your photographs and videos – even those taken on your phone – look professional.

The rest is about being organised and sticking to a plan; just as you do with spending, ordering stock and hiring staff. Scheduling posts in accordance with a campaign plan saves you the most valuable commodity for any business – time.

Our team has a lot more advice and tips about making your social media accounts and campaigns the best in the business. Give us a call on (02) 4324 6962 or email ksmall@brilliantlogic.com.au to find out how we can help your business be part of the social media revolution in 2019.