There is no planet B

Led by school students, hundreds of thousands of Australians will take to the streets this Friday to demand action on Climate Change.

A movement dismissed less than a year ago as a pubescent insurgency has quickly matured into a serious force supported by a host of business leaders and community groups.

More than 1,000 companies have given their staff time off to join the nationwide protests, which have also attracted the blessing of churches and trade unions.

Just as Climate Change is now undeniable, so too is the currency and value of making the effort to reduce its impact. The businesses who’ve thrown their support behind Friday’s demonstrations are the first to understand that there is corporate goodwill, on top of social good, to be gained from being involved.

Their contribution will undoubtedly resonate with the teenagers and children who are worried about their future. It would be short-sighted on a number of levels to dismiss their concerns, not least of all because they are Australia’s future consumer base.

Any business with an eye on long-term sustainability should respect and acknowledge them. The most effective way to do that is through communication.

So don’t be afraid to tell the world what your business is doing to help the situation. If you’ve banned single use products in the office, say so. If you’ve gone paperless, say so. If you’ve refined your waste removal systems, say so. If you rely on solar or renewable energy, say so.

And if you can’t think of anything your business is doing, then maybe it’s time to act, and tell the world why you’ve decided to change. In the current climate of anxiety over unprecedented drought and bushfire activity, it’s difficult to see how a single Australian could not admire any business that’s doing something, no matter how small, to make a difference.

Brilliant Logic prides itself on being a progressive employer; with younger members of our staff devising new and exciting ideas every day. Over the past 30 years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients to be more sustainable and to tell great stories. From helping them switch to online newsletters and marketing to promoting environmentally friendly printing practices, we have seen small changes make big differences.

In that time we’ve also implemented a number of sustainable workplace practices. We’ve kept printing to a strict minimum for years, and when we do need hardcopies, they are produced with vegetable-based (soy) ink and zero ozone emissions on recycled paper. Our office kitchen is entirely comprised of reusable items – there are no paper towels or cups. And when it’s cleaned, an eco-friendly detergent brand is used.

The present calls for change and offers a wonderful opportunity for all Australian businesses to connect with the next generation, and make a valuable investment in their own future, as well as that of the planet. We’d love to help your business be among those who are playing their part.