Why the ‘f’ word is good for your team

Working with some of Australia’s top organisations – and the leaders who direct them – gives us a privileged insight into the dos and don’ts of team building.

Spend enough time in this space, and you’ll begin to experience déjà vu. When it comes to creating harmony and synergy within their ranks, successful businesses more or less follow the same formula.

No task too small, no individual too big

Every action, every decision – no matter how big or small – has an impact. Sometimes it’s those you don’t anticipate as important that generate the most change.

Take the world’s most dominant sporting team – New Zealand’s All Blacks rugby union team. Regardless of their pay packet or status, all players grab a broom, mop, or bucket, and help tidy the dressing room. When was the last time your directors collected their plates and cups from the boardroom table? The humblest tasks are the best equalisers, and teams work best when the parts are perfectly balanced.

The top is your time to change

Exactly when should your business evolve? In response to changes in the market? In response to an extrinsic event like the arrival of a new competitor? Neither. Ideal change is never reactive – it should always happen on your terms. Therefore, there’s no better time to evolve than when you’re on top.

Being on top is an amazing achievement and one that must be celebrated. But that’s not an excuse to rely on the things that got you there forever. Any changes you decide to make at this time will be more readily embraced. Remember, your Top Dog status will confer greater trust and confidence from those who helped get you there – your staff.

It’s great to delegate

Have you ever worked beneath a micro-manager? A boss that peers at your computer screen from over your shoulder, who demands consultation prior to every decision you make? It’s not fun. It’s not efficient. And more to the point, it doesn’t engender a confident, independent and creative workforce.

Numerous social studies have shown people are happiest and most productive when they have control over their own work. So, as long as its within their job description, give it to them!

Plan past your used-by date

This is the essence of corporate selflessness because it doesn’t offer any tangible reward to the individual.

In a lot of businesses, the lifespan of executive staff is much shorter than for those beneath them. But for whatever period of time they are in control, leaders should also be planting trees they will never see, not just fertilising the current orchard and harvesting the fruit. Making decisions purely for the long-term health of the business is the hallmark of a team-orientated boss.

How many of these pointers does your business need help with? Having a well-balanced team of secure and confident staff is crucial. We’ve helped organisations to achieve this environment for the past 30 years. We can address and show your staff how to work together more effectively through personally tailored exercises and scenarios. You’ll be sure to improve your team building formula and have some fun, all while getting to know each other a whole lot better.

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