Being social ain’t as easy as it looks!

We’ve recently written about the importance of embracing a professional approach to social media. In less than a decade it’s evolved into a super sophisticated and competitive landscape. In many industries, it has rendered traditional forms of advertising and promotion obsolete.

So, it’s crucial that your business gets it right. In almost all cases, that will depend on who is in control of your social media posts and engagement. A specialist in the field is always preferable. But there are exceptions…

The most common involves smaller or start-up businesses whose budget isn’t quite ready for such an investment. We see it. We get it. Smaller operations are vulnerable; especially during their formative years. Committing funds to various areas of the business early on can leave them exposed to shortfalls in the event of an unexpected setback.

However, a DIY approach to all aspects of social media management – at any stage of a business’ lifecycle – is not advisable. The demands of the creation phase are simply too important to be shoehorned between the plethora of other tasks your business demands.

So, let’s suggest a compromise: training.

Brilliant Logic can share its wealth of social media hacks and know-how to save you time and effort, while simultaneously delivering you more followers and business. Our experts work online throughout the week, keeping track of changes to platforms and algorithms. Their experience has informed them of the optimal times to post, the best filters to use, and how to split content between photographs, videos and text.

Importantly, our training is custom-made to your business. Before we sit down and impart the tricks of the trade, we take the time to understand all aspects of your business: branding, target audience, and values. We then apply those characteristics to our knowledge of the various social media platforms to work out the ideal road-map for you to work from. From this, we can advise you on the best times to post, which market segment to target and how to best get their attention – even whether or not to engage the assistance of paid influencers.

When you train with us, you learn to run your own social media account – not a generic, boring one. The difference is immense.

So, if you’re a small or start-up business owner wondering how you can afford to be heard in the social media jungle, take the tip from Brilliant Logic! Give us a call on (02) 4324 6962 or email to arrange a social media training session with you and your team.