To rebrand or not to rebrand, that is the question

Ahhh… the rebrand. Most mature organisations will face this daunting process at some point in their lifecycle. And of all the major decisions your enterprise will face, this one possibly carries the most unforeseen risks. But when performed carefully and correctly, the rebrand can deliver the Holy Grail of business – perpetual success.

Overly radical rebrands leave businesses exposed to loss of identity and goodwill. Timid rebrands don’t achieve the desired the result; inflicting a waste of time and money. Still need convincing how crucial it is to execute a rebrand perfectly? Then check out the 15 worst corporate rebrands of all time!

Each of these well-known brands had good intentions. Sadly, the same can’t be said about their execution. If you’ve been considering a rebrand, but are torn about where to start, here’s some helpful pointers:

What does rebranding mean?

Reshaping your business’ identity – that’s a rebrand. It involves more than making a few changes to your logo and signage. You start by examining the message behind your brand and what it is communicating about your business, as that is often the reason a stakeholder will choose you over your competitors. It’s vital you understand this before doing anything else. Because without understanding it properly, you cannot responsibly determine the magnitude of your rebrand.

Why would we rebrand?

Here’s a few good reasons:

Your brand no longer reflects your vision

We hope it’s safe to assume you wouldn’t wear the same outfit to work today as you did 30 years ago! What may have seemed aesthetically pleasing and cutting edge when your brand was created could very well belong on the thrift shop rack now. Businesses evolve. Markets change. What worked 10 years ago might not necessarily work now. Maybe something which was an important part of your brand identity is now irrelevant. This could be the result of a shift in your geographical footprint, service offerings or a redefined target market.

Below are some examples of clients that Brilliant Logic has rebranded to help strengthen their brand identity to better reflect their vision. The old branding is on the left, and the new branding is on the right.

Your brand doesn’t stand out in the marketplace

When looking at names and designs, we invariably look at our own marketplace for inspiration. Don’t let your findings dictate your direction. You need a balance. Stakeholders must be clear on what you do and what industry you operate in. But just as importantly, they must be able to articulate why you are different and, better still, what makes you superior. The question is: does your brand stand for something? And if so, does it stand out?

You’ve undergone significant change

After major corporate restructures such as mergers, acquisitions or sales, it is important to assess the implications for your brand. How do the individual brands work together as whole? What are the repercussions of adopting one brand over the other? What is the right path for your business? These are some of the questions that arise once the dust settles. Our branding experts can help guide you on this journey.

Okay, it’s time for a rebrand. Now what?

For almost 30 years the Brilliant Logic team has worked with organisations of all sizes to help them rebrand.  Starting with an obligation-free conversation, we’d love to help your business as well.

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