Homemade Social Media? Don’t risk it . . .

We can do many things ourselves. Brew our own beer. Bake our own pizzas. Cut our own hair. Handle our own social media.

The DIY approach comes with plenty of benefits. There’s cost savings. There’s the assurance of full control. And then there’s the unique satisfaction of being solely responsible for creating something new.

This is fantastic . . . provided it’s on a small or boutique scale. Your homemade beer tastes delicious, but would you brew numerous kegs for a huge corporate function your business is hosting? Those pizzas pulled straight from the backyard oven are a hit at intimate dinner parties, but would you bake them en masse for the same function? What about your haircut? Can you really be assured that a home job will look good enough for such a crucial event?

But the social media? Meh . . . that’s easy. Right? Just throw up a few posts before, during and after to alert your followers. Right? Illustrate them with pics off a smart phone and that’s basically it. Right? While your house specialties are great for occasions inside those four walls, they’d be unknown commodities when it comes to meeting demand externally.

It’s an enormous, unpredictable, and often hostile world out there. And your business wants as much of the action as it can get. The natural imperative of any business is to grow. If a business stands still, it effectively goes backwards because of the relentless advance and influx of competitors.

Social media has become one of the most important, if not the most important, means to achieve this necessary growth. It has the ability to expose your business to a market segment that’s so large, it’s unquantifiable.

So we’re talking big, not boutique. And if we remember the beers, pizzas and haircuts, big needs something extra to be satisfied. Big demand needs more content. Big standards needs more quality control. Big needs to be across everything. Big needs to be professional.

If you happen to be familiar with Facebook and Instagram algorithms, go for it. If you know how to construct a social media advertising campaign around targeted demographics, go for it. If you are a talented photographer with access to the latest equipment and editing suites, go for it. If you are lucky enough to have numerous hours spare each week to plan and manage activity of your accounts, plus interact with followers, go for it.

Unsure of your business’s capacity to handle all, or some, of the above? That’s OK. You’re definitely not alone. This is a highly specialised industry that’s incredibly fluid. In truth, only a very small number of people can stay across it.

Thankfully, we have those people here at Brilliant Logic. Corporate social media platforms are our workplace. We see the trends. Have access to the monitoring and analytics tools. But perhaps best of all, we have a huge network of clients that can be activated to grow your business… exponentially.

If you’re ready to think big when it comes to social media, then we are ready to take you there. Give us a call on (02) 4324 6962 or email ksmall@brilliantlogic.com.au to find out how we can help to grow your business with an exceptional, professional and competitive social media strategy.