Making your annual report work for you

They say there’s two certainties in life: death and taxes.

But if you happen to run an organisation that fits the regulator’s requirements, there’s another non-negotiable to confront over the coming months.

Compiling an annual report.

This is paperwork demanded by law, big on the empirical yet short on expressive flair, exposing your corporate bill of health for watchdogs, competitors and the market in general to analyse. It’s understandable why so many officeholders and executives would view it as a chore, and, subsequently, generate a document devoid of inspiration.

But wait a minute. Isn’t there also some truth in the adage, ‘with adversity comes opportunity’? Is it possible to use your annual report as a means to tell the world about the many good things your company stands for, above and beyond the physical assets that appear on its balance sheet? We’re talking about things that can’t be monetised, but are arguably more valuable: achievements over the past financial year, contributions to the community, human interest stories, goodwill.

Sure, you have no choice but to prepare and submit an annual report. But what you decide to put in it . . . well . . . the choices are endless. So too are the opportunities to express them; with brilliant photography, eye-catching design, sharp copy and incisive graphics.

Looking at it this way, your annual report is a once-a-year opportunity to stand out from the crowd. You attempt to do this on a much more frequent basis, through punchy social media posts, blogs and compelling EDMs. If it’s good enough for one, why not the other?

Brilliant Logic’s team of designers and writers have years of experience compiling annual reports that exude professionalism and pride. We are familiar with the formalities and statutory requirements upon which to build the report. Once this foundation is in place, the unexpected fun of decorating it with vibrancy and compelling content can begin.

If you’re inspired to make this year’s annual report work for you with professional graphic design, and do justice to your organisation’s efforts in 2018/19, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.