Hard to reach: How Facebook’s changes to organic reach will impact your page’s audience

First things first. ‘Organic reach’ refers to the total number of unique people who were shown your post through unpaid distribution. (These are the people who see your post in their newsfeed, either because they follow your page or because one of their friends has engaged with your post in some way – reacted, commented or shared the post).

If you manage a business page on Facebook, chances are you’ve noticed a steady decline in the organic reach of your posts over the past couple of years. You may have also noticed that over the past few months (since around October last year) it has continued to radically decline, with your posts reaching only a measly percentage of your overall follower base.

This is not a coincidence. Facebook has publicly stated that it is intentionally reducing the organic reach of Facebook page posts, meaning it is becoming much harder to get your posts in front of your audiences without forking out cash to sponsor them. In fact, it is predicted that by March 2017, the organic reach of page posts will generally reach 0. That’s right, Z-E-R-O.

Why are they doing this?

Facebook cites two main reasons:

  1. More and more content is being published & shared daily, not only by pages, but by users
  2. Because of this, Facebook is picking and choosing the type of content users see based on complex algorithms surrounding their behaviours, interests and actions

While this does make sense, Facebook’s decision to dramatically reduce the organic reach of business page posts has created a series of predicaments for business page managers.

Here’s the ugly truth:

If you want your page to survive, fork out an advertising budget

You guessed it, Facebook is essentially forcing Business pages to pay money to speak to their own followers. While this is a hard pill to swallow, it’s something that all business pages must accept. Reserving a monthly social media advertising budget is now an essential consideration for any marketing plan, even for SMEs.

The good news is that Facebook advertising is extremely cost effective and enables page managers to target their desired audience by segmenting users geographically, demographically and pyschographically. Your audience is no longer confined to the number of people who follow your page, so let’s take that as a positive!

It’s time to sharpen up your content

As mentioned earlier in the article, organic reach can grow if your followers are engaging with the content you post by sharing, commenting or reacting to it. That tells us one simple thing – if you want your posts to reach a larger audience, it better be engaging!

It’s no secret that Facebook favours high quality content, so much so that if your page is continually achieving high levels of audience engagement, it’s organic reach may even improve.

Page ‘likes’ no longer determine your page’s success

It’s all well and good to have 10,000 followers on your page, but unless your content is backed by a budget or is extremely viral in its nature, you might as well have 10.

Put simply, you should stop focusing on growing the number of people who ‘like’ your page and start focussing on growing the number of people who ‘like’ your posts! It’s all about engagement now.

This being said, a large number of followers on a page can certainly be advantageous in establishing your business as a trusted and reputable brand (consumers would be much more likely to purchase from a business that has 10,000 followers than one that has 10).

Long story short, dedicating money to advertising your business page on Facebook is now more essential than ever to ensure your content reaches the right people.

If all this sounds foreign to you, we recommend getting a professional to provide you with sound advice on your social media advertising budget. There is no set rule on how much you should spend, you can set a budget, a time period and even the target the exact person you wish for your content to reach.

To find out more about creating and implementing a targeted social media strategy or advertising campaign on Facebook, contact the Brilliant Logic team today!

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