Facebook trends and tips for 2020 vision

No matter what line of business you operate in, it pays to be conscious of consumer trends and preferences across the entire market.

For an insight into what’s engaging people, there’s no better gauge than Facebook feeds and searches.

The pioneering social media giant has released a fascinating report complied from almost two years’ worth of research into its users’ activities and habits on the platform.

The findings provide a valuable marketing roadmap for businesses looking to successfully navigate their way into the next decade.

We’ve closely read and analysed the 33-page Facebook report – saving you the time of doing so!

Combining the outcomes with our very own views from the coalface, here’s our social media ‘to do’ list for 2020 and beyond:

  1. Be Proud of Sustainability

Facebook found its users, particularly millennials, are just as conscious of the processes and ingredients that underpin their products, as the products themselves.

A desire for products to be manufactured sustainably is top of mind right now – and will presumably continue to boom as environmental and climate concerns dominate the global conversation.

To tap into this sentiment, have a good think about measures your business is currently taking to be more eco-friendly: Do you have an office compost bin? Do you choose to reuse? Have you gone paperless? Do you use products sourced from natural, low-emitting components and processes?

If you are doing any of these things, then don’t be afraid to tell the world. And don’t be afraid to do so frequently either. Supporting sustainable practice is becoming an important part of maintaining high quality service. You should constantly remind the market this is what you represent.

  1. Micro Influence

We can see your eyes rolling backward at the mention of influencer marketing.

And you’d be right to be skeptical . . . there’s plenty of social media commentators suggesting that they’ve reached their used-by date in terms of trust and reputation. But that doesn’t mean the concept of social media influencing is headed for the bin.

We’re predicting it will downsize and become more targeted.

Instead of having complete strangers with huge yet generic followings spruiking your business, why not opt for the people who can reach your desired audience more effectively?

Like your customers.

Customer testimonials have been an online marketing tactic since websites were first corporatised. Having customers tell their networks about the benefits of your product or service via their social media accounts will more likely get the message to the right people.

  1. Shock Horror

One of the most interesting discoveries in the Facebook dig involved the growing popularity of the horror genre.

Users appear more tolerant of cerebrally challenging content than ever before.

While we don’t necessarily endorse the use of zombies or ghouls to directly promote your business, being unafraid to inject some shock value into your campaigns is something worth thinking about.

In a world of 24/7 exposure, this commodity is getting more difficult to achieve.

  1. Food for Thought

If there’s one thing EVERYONE loves, it’s food.

Just because your business isn’t in the hospitality industry, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate food into your marketing.

Posts of team lunches, dinners or catering for behind-the-scenes meetings, are great ways to engage with the hottest of social media topics.

Over the past two years Facebook found foreign versions of traditional Western fare were becoming a real sweet spot on its platform. Think Persian fairy floss or Thai satay pies . . .  yummmmm!!!

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