COVID-19 crisis – have you got a communication plan?

Businesses operating through the Coronavirus crisis might be viewed as fortunate compared to those who have been forced into hibernation, or worse still, closure.

But the survivors do face a list of unenviable daily challenges to keep trading in such an unchartered and treacherous environment.

How do you accommodate social distancing laws? How often do you disinfect the workshop or office? How do you manage staffing levels? Are you liable for an employee who contracts the virus while working? What about a student, customer, resident or visitor?

These are just some of the difficult questions being fired at businesses soldiering through the war on Covid-19. And to make life more difficult, each week brings a fresh round of doubts as new guidelines and laws are introduced to respond to an invisible, almost quicksilver, enemy.

But there’s one dilemma that has remained constant since the crisis first emerged: what do we say if COVID-19 affects our business?

We’ve already seen individual cases of the virus temporarily shutting down schools, day care centres and even law firms.

While businesses are now getting a better idea of the correct practices to prevent Coronavirus impacting their people and activities, is a communication plan part of that overall strategy?

Does your business know who would do the talking? How would you communicate? Who would you wish to speak to? And most importantly what core message would provide maximum consumer comfort and avoid severe reputational damage?

The threat of Coronavirus is always lurking unseen. The sobering reality is this crisis could strike any business, at any time. With no definite end to the crisis in sight, it is also sadly a threat that will persist well into the foreseeable future.

Businesses that are best prepared for the worst will invariably perform the best in the face of any crisis. And there has never been a crisis like this in our lifetimes.

Businesses that have made it this far are not immune from the virus. They need to stand prepared and ever-vigilant with both actions and words at the ready.

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