How to give your brand the Marie Kondo touch

Is your business trying to stand for everything?

Eco-friendly? Vegan-friendly? Cruelty-free? Socially responsible? Sustainable? Charitable? Health-conscious?

These are all virtuous causes. And there’s little doubt that basking in their glow gives your business a shinier complexion.

But can there too much of a good thing?

When you try to stand for everything, you run the risk of standing for nothing. We know, we know… that sounds counter-intuitive. But when it comes to what your business stands for – otherwise known as branding – the message needs to be clearer than Elvis’ hairline.

That means you need to prioritise. What’s important? What’s not? Or, as the global sensei of de-cluttering, Marie Kondo, would put it: “Only keep items that spark joy!”

So, let’s do a simple exercise. Think about the branding of your business, about the messages it sends, and what it represents – what does it stand for?

OK… got all of that? Now it’s time to prioritise. To work out what parts of your brand are actually important.

Back to Marie Kondo’s philosophy – what parts of your brand ‘spark joy’? Genuine joy expressed as an involuntary smile. Not the confected joy of feeling obligated to enshrine a value you don’t really believe in, let alone embrace with enthusiasm.

If you’re a true Kondo disciple, then you’re going to toss out everything in the latter category. If you’re only practicing the value as a chore, then the likelihood is that you won’t be practising it properly anyhow.

The worst-case scenario of a ‘trying to be everything to everyone’ brand is being exposed as inauthentic. This would be a devastating blow to your business’ goodwill. The best-case scenario is confusing potential customers. They simply won’t be able to determine what you stand for and, as a result, no-one will be able to relate to your cause.

If it’s not clean, clear and uncluttered, let’s make it that way. Quick smart.

Brilliant Logic has a team of PR and marketing experts who are experienced at crafting messages and telling stories. We can examine your brand and determine not only the story it’s trying to tell, but how easily customers are able to follow its plot.

If it’s too difficult, it’s time to take action. We are here to help to make your brand easier to understand and your story a more compelling one to tell.

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